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    Ridiculous NAMES and False DENOMINATIONS

Meaningful names appeal us. Good name bears the sign of goodness. Some names are so classical, they became a symbol, for example rose is simply a name but it means something more than just a flower that is love, sweetness, beauty and so on. That's why we find many people keep names of their daughters as rose or rosy. On the contrary bad names and false statements hurt us deeply, we feel sad and doomy. When we hear about fox, our thought automatically goes for a cunning animal that steels hen and cry-out Hukka hua at sunset. There is no exception of this simily. Thus we feel shame and are astomished when we hear majar is named on Fox - "THE SHIAL SHAH", they call it. How could a sensible man do it ? This is not the only example of our perversion in religion. There are few majars & Khanqas named as "DAL SHAL" etc. Majar or Darbar is a place of islamic religious activities where islamic names should have been given. But we find non-islamic words as their names in many places that really do not appeal to common sense for example, RATAN. BAZLU is another such name.

"SUR" meaning music or "Eashwar" meaning Debata of the hindus are not good for islamic culture but we know darbards having these words in their names.

"Roshi" meaning Rope and "Bhandar" meaning godown are not bad but their meanings are also not very appealing as names of Darbars.

Many darbars or khanqas became commercial as we see round the year they do clear business with cow, goat & camel and even mislead human beings by their impossible demands and impractical denominations used with the names of their sheikh or pir or Amir or leader. We received a book through post which was written by one self-declared pir shaheb having a very long ornamental denomination where his real name is only a three letterd word. We see in the books of HADITH, names of respected 'SAHABI' of our beloved Rasulullah (Sm:) is printed without adjectives; for example, - ",.......... Omar Ibnul Khattab (Radi) Qal." We know Hazrat Omar (Radi) was Amirul Muminin yet his name is printed in the books of HADITH as "Omar Ibnul Khattab " without any denomination though he had all the rights to use it.

It should also be cleared here that both short & long names are permitted. Long and ornamental phonations used in good names create extra attraction and beauty and that is a part of family or islamic tradition in many places. It is not harmful or objected in any country or place to use a name of three or more words. But using ugly names on religious places, false adjectives on unfit persons are not only ridiculous but also a social crime.

In news papers and posters we see many names adjected as Sufi, Shah. Chisti, Qadri, Mujaddedi, etc. If the person follows the religion in toto we are happy but in most cases they wear yellow dresses & keep ugly long hair on head, never pray namaj but call themselves sufi. They keep long hair like women, and smoke gaja, both are haram but they claim themselves as Chisty. Likewise, make sijda towards bagdad that is not the Qibla, so it is haram and also they believe that Hazrat Baro Pir Abdul Qader Jilani (Rah) could give life to the dead which is an absolute power of Allah Subha nahu tala, thus is a non-islamic belief, still they claim themselves as Qadri.

Whereas hazrat Abdul Qader Jilani (Rah:) was a very pious shaikh who never claimed that he could give life to the dead. The followers really defamed his good name by claiming so. Likewise many pir shahebs are using Laqab "Mujadded" with their names, which is simply absurd.

Someone cannot become mujadded or reformer just by writing few books, editing few islamic journals or setting up some madrasa or school. Unless you reform major misdoings of the society and are accepted throughout irrespective of cast and creed you cannot be called a mujadded or reformer. For example, the world-famous Mujadded was Khawja Ahmed serhind (Rah:) who personally was very pious and a famous shaikh but the most praiseworthy job he had done is the protest against a new religion "DIN E ILAHI" set up by Mughal Emperor AKBAR against whom Khawja SERHINDI organized war and ultimately Akbar had to withdraw his proclamation. Thus Muslims in this subcontinent called him Mujadded Alf-e-Sani or reformer of thousand years. Likewise the Pir Shaheb of Furfura Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiqi (Rah:) had done a lot of reformation in the society regarding false religious beliefs, education, keeping high the islamic tradition and values etc. He even wrote letter to the then SAUDI KING regarding some religious points. The letter was accepted by the king who also wrote letter to him. When the Pir Shaheb of Furfura Sharif Hazrat Abu Bakar (Rah:) was visiting the SERHIND SHARIF, the Khadem Shaheb in there, called him "Mujadded-e-Jaman" or reformer of the century and presented the "Cap of mujadded" inherited from Khaja Ahmed Sherhindi mujadded alf-e-sani (Rah:) saying, " I am doing it by the order of Khwaja SERHINDI, not by myself. This is only one example. Islamic Enyclopaedia printed the name of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiqi (Rah:), the pir shaheb of Furfura as a Mujadded. So it is given to him by people. Thus we see contemporary pious, educated and alim shahibs became his desciple known as murid. Among them are Hazrat Moulana Nesar Uddin (Rah:) of Sarsina, Hafezul Hadith and pir moulana Ruhul Amin of Bashir Hat, internationally reputed educationist Dr. Mahammed Shadullah etc. Now we see some of his Khalifa who really belong to some small area or district, use "Mujadded" with their names which is false, rediculous and far from the truth. On the contrary the descendants of this muiadded who are working as Pir Shaheb of Furfura for many years in his place and whom he declared as his representatives, they never used 'Mujadded' in their names. Thus we can assume who are really for the fame and who really work for the cause of Islam. People also can realize, that's why they are careful in selecting and gather arround Furrura , Pakshi and Darus Salam.

As we started with the effected of names on our imaginations. It is very true for Furfura Sharif as well. Balia Bashanti was a small area in Hugli distric near clacutta. Like many other places non-muslim Jamiders used to torture and sufis offered them to accept islam and stop torturing poor people. Thus a war started and muslims conquered the area very quickly and this made thousands of villagers very happy and they named the place Furfura from the persi word Farr-e-farra, meaning extreme happiness. So when we hear furfura, a cool jannati seren breaze plays in our mind. Like wise DARUS SALAM, the extension of Furfura in Dhaka, is also named according to the name of one Jannat, that's why we see thousands of Jannati people and sufis (in real sense) gather here regularly, they love the place, love Allah and Islam.

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